December 27

A Special Table for Valentine’s Day

I am not a friend to celebrate Valentine, but put a beautiful tables. Any menu and any celebration or any meeting either couple or friends, are better with a well set table, with interest and affection.

If you think that a table for Valentine’s day should be filled with hearts and corny, I will not be who you contradict, now, before I prefer that the Earth opens and I swallow to much cake indigeste me. I searched tables that tell us something, impacting us and serving for all tastes. Continue reading

December 20

A Shelf with a Branch of Tree

Many times we see furniture and decorative accessories that we like but which are too expensive. However others many times we realize that to get a corner with charm does not to be required to spend Lots of money. In fact there are a lot of decorative proposals at zero cost and all those who are still out of our imagination. Continue reading

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December 13

Valentine for PomPoms Hearts

I know that some are looking forward to it on 14 February only to allow it to pass, and so let us see hearts everywhere. But others enjoy that day intensely and finally and after recognizing it, love is something nice to celebrate.

So today we propose new ideas decorative and affordable for decorate the House on Valentine’s day and so surprise to people that we want to. To manufacture the hearts of PomPoms You can see in the photos of this single article does lack wool colors and a little bit of mana and time. Continue reading

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November 29

No Two without Three: Gathered Rosettes

Sorry for our television reader, which it seems they dislike anything the rosettes, but we already know that there is no two without three, so after our rose window box and our rosette of fabric we have today decided to bring several together to form an original wall decoration.

As in all collection that prepares the elements must be different and be gathered to be able to highlight. Here we have chosen four different models of medallions of roof that have been placed together on the couch. Yellow plays the title role, underlines not only them but that conjugate with the rest of the elements creates a truly balanced membership. Continue reading

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November 22

Decorative Week (XCI)

With this bridge we are lately being very little regular, but here we are again, as almost every Sunday, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

  • You know that in our selection always try to have some local, a restaurant, a hotel, a shop …, which draw us attention by its special decoration. Because today we have chosen the new premises of Farfalla in Gijon which, as you can see, faithfully reflects the tastes of its owner by antiques and recovered objects.

Continue reading

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November 15

Centers of Table with Chestnuts

Many of us during this Christmas We are going to have to tighten our belt and is that if it was difficult to pass the slope of January, this year quite a few months ago that we started to climb the slope and increasingly becomes steeper.

However, not having so much available money as other years do not have to stop that we can feel comfortable in our House, there are many things we can do ourselves, with simple and inexpensive materials and that dress much, so I happened to do a series with most economic ideas decoration that I know or I found over the net, something I am sure that you will be able to take advantage of the most. Continue reading

November 8

A Heart with Red Thread

Now approaches a date so as it is Valentine’s day, it may be a good time to dare to give something original and created by ourselves to that special person who accompanies us every day, as well as take to recycle some woods that we have stored from previous retail.

For all these reasons, East made with red heart We have found a very interesting DIY, as well as a great decorative addition to a House, and so we wanted to share it with all of you to see if you fancy a try – we are sure that if. Continue reading

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September 28

Giant Clock in Mecca

The faithful from around the world will soon set their watches on the giant clock being installed in Mecca, first holy place of islam in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are hoping the clock that will dominate the Grand Mosque of Mecca from the top of a tower will be established for Muslims a “Mecca time”, to compete with the Greenwich mean time.

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