April 15

A Good Idea?: Reuse Old Suitcases as Bath Kit

The old suitcases they have become one of the most recurrent elements of decoration in recent times. If until little suitcases found in the attic of her grandmother had just in the bin, they are now one of the trophies most appreciated by all lovers of decoration, especially by those who, like me, are committed to introducing a touch vintage and Bohemian, in the decorative scheme of your home. Continue reading

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April 8

Recicladecoracion: a Mirror of Bath from a Gate of an Old Piece of Furniture

If you have any old furniture in house it you think to get rid or if you are going to renovate one and in the process of renewal you think dispense with its doors, Here’s a good idea to take advantage of at least one of them. Consists in become an original mirror door that we can put for example in the bathroom, in fact here is you have put in the bathroom but it could also be placed elsewhere in the House. Continue reading

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April 1

Do It Yourself: a Nice Dispenser of SOAP with a Glass Jar

Many of us long for the traditional bars of SOAP in the bathroom, a product of daily hygiene which has been losing supporters, with the passing of the years, to the benefit of the liquid soap, more clean, more comfortable and more hygienic, according to their “followers”. All the lines of bath accessories have dispensers of gel, of different sizes, colors, materials, etc., but if what you really want is something original, made by yourself, don’t miss the DIY (“do it yourself”) that we offer. Continue reading

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March 26

After Ten Years of Telework, This I Can Say about The Myths and Reality of Working from Home

“Do you work from home? But that can be done? And you spend all day in his pajamas? What great, so you don’t have to get up early and you can do what give you the win.” If any teletrabajáis or you are freelance, it is likely that you have heard these phrases more than once when you explain what you dedicate. Telework in Spain is still a slightly exotic concept, and although each time it spreads more, survive even several erroneous myths and preconceived ideas that do not always conform to reality. Continue reading

March 21

Google Acting as Supplier and Competition: Its Products Are Favored in 91% of Searches

We know well that the Google search engine It is one of the most important tools on the internet, being a powerful window to what the world has to show. Therefore, millions of advertisers invest heavy sums of money to appear in first place in the searches, or you purchase advertising space within these results.

Today, thanks to a Wall Street Journal analysis, we learned that Google might be one would be accused of conflict of interest. This is because most of their products are being favoured within your own search engine, so competing against its customers, those who are at a clear disadvantage to be him who makes the rules. Continue reading

March 16

New Passat 2015: Driving a Week Surrounded by Technology

Of new cars being sold by 2015, the Volkswagen Passat 2015 It is one of which offers a fairly large list of new technologies, whether at the level interface, level connectivity, either level driving assistance. Also the record that it is not the only car that can be found. Very similar to this, and almost with the same technological equipment, we can think of the new Ford Mondeo 2014.

Posts to know a little better these systems, we decided to try for a week the new Volkswagen Passat 2015. But we will not talk to you here what such leads, how much to consume, or what such walks of space and luggage compartment, because that corresponds more with our sister Motorpasión website, and there you can already find the test in those other terms. During this week we focused on knowing and using elements such as traffic jams Wizard or the connected GPS Navigator. Continue reading

March 11

Ford VIRTTEX, Simulator Advanced Driving

Ford VIRTTEX, by VIRtual Test Track EXpriment, is a advanced virtual reality driving simulator. There are many simulators of this type in the world, and Ford has one of them in the United States. Is in the city of Dearborn, not far from Detroit, in the State of Michigan, in the center of research and development of the brand.

This type of Simulator costs several million dollars. Ford Motor Company released the Simulator Ford VIRTTEX in the year 2001, and last year updated it and updated. Engadget has been lucky to be able to visit, in addition to other no less interesting activities that Ford had prepared for us, and that we also told you at the end. Continue reading

March 6

IPod Shuffle 3G, a Clear Step Backward for The User

As you already know, Apple has renewed this morning your iPod Shuffle, and has done inside and out. This third generation now follows the design of the latest products, with aluminum as main material of manufacturing in all player and present curves by the whole. Draws attention to his size redicidisimo, 45.2 × 17.5 × 7. 8 mm, although it is not a big jump on the previous Shuffle, as indicated by the comparative images that have commented on Gizmodo. Continue reading