10 Tips to Make Your Home Flawless

Want tips to make your home cleaner, more organized and smarter? And this in a productive and practical ( even economic ) way? Some actions to work around the house seem too simple to be effective. But are!

10 Tips to Make Your Home Flawless

Broken glass

Did you break a glass, bottle or glass object whatsoever? After sweeping and removing the larger pieces, take the small ones by pressing a slice of white bread, of these very soft, on the floor. Finish with a sheet of paper towel moistened.

Adhesive or sticker glue

It’s a great mystery that department stores insist on placing stickers or adhesive labels that are impossible to remove completely from their products. The label comes out, the glue gets, causing hairs, hair, dust and debris to stick on the item. If the stores do not get smarter, we stay: use any cooking oil (soy, canola, corn or olive oil, for example) or eucalyptus oil on a paper towel.

Put the paper on the place full of glue, wait a few minutes and rub to remove. Just be careful of oil stains – take a test before.

Enjoy and check out our article on cleaning tips .

Carpet or carpet with pressure mark

Do you hate the marks that heavy furniture leaves on the carpet or carpets? To remove these “holes”, place an ice cube on the spot and let it melt. If you do not recover the fibers completely, use a fork to gently bring them back.

Clothes that do not stop on the hanger

Sweaters, blouses, or thin-line dresses slip all the time from the hangers in the wardrobe. This can be quite annoying and even ruin the clothes after a while. Simple rubber bands tied to the side ends of each hanger solve the problem!

Candles that last longer

Want to make a candle last longer. Before using it, place it in the freezer to harden the wax, which will cause it to melt more slowly. If it’s a thin candle, just an hour is enough. Already wide candles, used in pillars, ask for six to eight hours.

The good old baking soda, thrown over the fabric of the sofa and left there for a few minutes, makes a lot of difference when it comes to vacuuming. It absorbs and eliminates unwanted odors. If in doubt, take a test before playing the product.


Flowers indoors can give a cheerful and special air to the decor, but the pollen quickly transfers to clothing, carpets and rugs. To remove a pollen stain, shake the item vigorously, run the vacuum cleaner, and then wash normally. Do not rub or throw water on the stain. And do not touch the stain directly – the natural oils and warmth of the hands will finish fixing it in place.

Goodbye ants

Prevent the ants from marching to your kitchen with a barrier made of duct tape. Attach adhesive strips to windowsills and entrances. Just for a few days, until the problem is eliminated in the other part of the house.

New iron

To clean the surface of a burned-out iron, use only salt. Put several tablespoons of common salt on a tissue, such as a tissue, for example. Put this cloth on the ironing board and run the hot iron over several times until the marks disappear. Turn off and allow to cool completely before wiping the iron metal with a damp cloth.

Clean windows

Do you want the windows of your windows to be transparent and shiny? Add one tablespoon of corn starch to a quart of warm water. Mix and use a spray to throw on the glass. Clean with newspaper, cloth or a rolling pin, as you normally would.