5 Designs of Living Room

In buildings today takes a lot doing dining room one, which formerly was not very common, the spaces were very defined and had a room for each use, but with modernity this has changed, and now there are Living room.

If we look on the positive side, we have that there is a single space to decorate , and as it is one of the main rooms of the house, we need to give it the importance it requires.

The design living room, it should be cozy but functional, should allow us to enjoy both the room and the dining room with its limitations, which are necessary to dial.

Here the main thing is the distribution of furniture, define who should be in the dining room and the living room.

Well of course it is also important to choose the style that you want to decorate.

Living room designs

  1. Design minimalist living room

In this design you have to take into account the dining room must have what is essential, which will be useful in these spaces, the rest is completely spare.

The austerity is what is fashionable, and this is the basis of a minimalist design 100%

2. Design of rustic living room

If you want your living room to have that campirano touch, nothing like making a living designing rustic dining room, where we all know that wood is the main protagonist.

A wall that is being built appearance stone furniture something thick wood and aged appearance, would be the key for a design of this type.

3. Design of classical modern living room

This style is committed prints of furniture, sofa or chair s a pattern preppy, elegant, for example, something that has a white base and then a pattern of flowers, the combination of black, white and roses design gives your living room a more classic touch yet.

4. Design classic traditional living room

Basically this design is more focused on the furniture, which are a little more trim and upholstery prints clear and muted tones, a carpet can be a touch of contrast that is being sought.

5. Design vintage living room

What is very fashionable now, is the vintage design, which has its roots in ancient styles in painting and the furniture, simply take a look at some magazine of the 50 or 60 to get an idea about this shaped design.