5 Ideas for Decorating Walls

Are we trying to make your home have a different style ?, Would you also different look amazing ?, Would you like to change his style could save some money ?, Then congratulations because you’ve come to the right place, where we will give you some few ideas that will cover all these needs have on the decoration of your walls and the renovation of your home.

Renew the walls of your home you do not have to be a tedious task and much less expensive, but hey this and depend on each person at the time of this work, the ideas that we are going to provide are fashionable, but can also make use of an interior designer if you is much more suitable.

Ideas for decorating walls, 5 tips

1. Place your favorite prints

Whether in the room small, in your bedroom or any other wall of your house, you can paste pictures that are allusive space to decorate, for example, if the room small, it would be great place clippings characters favorites or decorate with a world of colors forming a rainbow

If outside the kitchen, on the walls you could add clippings of your favorite fruits or any other picture that means that we are in the kitchen, etc.

2. Fabric Mural

One form is used r kind of fabrics like murals, choose the fabric you like and color to generate with it a mural on the wall you prefer, you can do the glue starch, not easy?

3. Paper Contact

Another favorite for decorating walls these days is the contact paper, with which we can make some cuts geometrical then simply attach them to our wall and ready

4. Mirrors

Another very good to decorate a wall material could say they are the mirrors, and here as we speak of an entire wall because we would have to use medium plates mirrors to bond them together covering that wall we want, but in this case it is advisable to be walls little.

5. Colored stripes

Use bondable colored tape thick and place some strips on the wall of your choice or one to which you want to give a complete renovation, there are ribbons in various colors and sizes, choose those that agree with the base color and voila, you ‘ll have a renewed wall 100%.