9 American Bar for Your Kitchen

If we talk about home decorating, we must keep in mind that is increasingly committed to the open concept homes, where the fewer walls have, the fewer partitions, the better. This affects the kitchen that is usually connected with the living room and dining room, and often use dividers between different spaces. Today we will discuss rods kitchen is a good way to separate the kitchen from the living room, in addition to being a completely pragmatic element.

# 1 among American bars can choose different models, such as the wooden includes storage space for dishes, glasses, mugs, etc. In addition there is a bar large enough to serve us for lunch or dinner table.

# 2 A small breakfast bar is very comfortable for breakfast or dinner partner, without many dishes or complications. This is a very functional area, so putting an American bar in the kitchen / living / dining room is a great idea.

No. 3 Another example of an American bar that does not occupy much space. It has a bit of room for two people can eat and ready, perfect for small spaces and not have to set the table whenever you want to eat.

No. 4 Here we have a bar open / kitchen island with option of cooking in the space itself. It is a way to have a tiny kitchen and optimized. Eye stools modern style, they’re ideal!

# 5 If you are looking for bars American kitchen industrial style, this wooden kitchen can be very inspiring for you, it is one of those small American bar, in this case with the sink to wash the dishes.

# 6 Do you have room to spare? Betting on a big American bar, so you can also in this case serve as a table for home, with six sites available to sit.

# 7 can have an American bar without being a separate piece it can be part of the structure of the kitchen cabinets, this way we just have to do something similar to what we see in the photo.

# 8  A wood table and stools, with only these elements already have the American bar you need for your kitchen.

# 9 A new example of an American bar, a yellow – orange color, perfect space for breakfast / lunch / dinner without problems.

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