A Beautiful House with Views of Luxury in Barcelona

Many dream of having a dream house in the center of a large city and if possible, already put to ask, with beautiful sea or mountain views. Then you’ll know that a House like this exists and is in Barcelona. Today we show in Decoesfera a luxury home in the heart of Barcelona, in a building of great height, with airy interiors and design of interiors that connects each room of the House with the outside.

The House has on one side views of the Mediterranean Sea and on the other, the mountain of Barcelona. It’s a the company’s project of Barcelona Inedit interior design, with Designer Toni Lanza to the front. The idea has been the create a unique environment that changes of root particular perception we have of the luxury homes, modernising it and adapting it to today’s trends.

The intention is to housing is not only thanks to its fantastic dream. It is that House is which by itself transfer comfort environment that frames it. This apartment is located in a building of various heights, urban and architectural icon of the city, which now has become, well, a leader in interior design.

There are three fundamental elements that stand out in this project: Dela design of dwellings, the stunning city of Barcelona and the sea. What has sought interior design team that developed the project has been exploiting these pillars to strengthen all its advantages at each point of the House.

It is a building of single-family homes that consist of two, three and four bedrooms, You can see one of them in the photos in this article. The distribution of the spaces, very clear, is defined by the creation of two perfectly differentiated areas, day and night.

Yes We start with the room or living area, in this super space, we find a large living-room with a kitchen. A window is President of the stay and a spectacular balcony surrounds the facade to join kitchen and living room from the outside. The two interior rooms have balcony access.

The design has been developed according to colors, materials and textures that fit perfectly with the protagonists of this House: light and its panoramic view. Blue tones are complemented by tones such as beige and are combined with organic textures of wood and natural fibres, without forgetting the always elegant white presiding stays as the kitchen.

The privileged situation of these houses makes the city of Barcelona at the feet of those who inhabit them and the feeling is fantastic, but at home, it is also necessary to feel sometimes alien and protected from the outside and that has also been maintained in the design. He has worked to combine all possible feelings and create a versatile environment that fits every moment of the day and to the needs of tenants.

The night zone It is just on the other side of the House. Thanks to the dimensions of the plant, these houses have very spacious rooms: a suite with dressing room, youth bedroom, an office and two bathrooms in the master bedrooms.

If I have to choose I’ll take without thinking with the terrace, because I love outdoor spaces, but also living room looks cozy and really nice kitchen, with the curious detail of wall clocks. To you, what is the area of the House that you like the most?