A Creative, Happy and Charming House in The Heart of Amsterdam

I recently just met with apartments, although very beautiful, sober, serious, with a touch masculine and sophisticated, as the male apartment in Paris we saw a couple of weeks ago, but it seems that this streak ends with the beginning of the year.

If yesterday I showed how to add color to your home in eight ways to put a bit of yellow in your home. Today I bring more ideas with this marvel of decoration, a creative, happy and charming house in the heart of Amsterdam, to see what you think.

It is a house where you live a couple of furniture designers with their three children, where much of the furniture has been designed by themselves and its hallmarks are freshness, comfort, expressive, light and color.

If I had to classify or label his style, although difficult to do, I would say that it is a kind of eclecticism naif. Mix all kinds of pieces from different eras, countries, objects of design, antique, rake and DIY’s parts, but all passed through their filter of light and color.

The House has just be reformed and clean of dust and straw once, let it all white, so its soils, as walls, woodwork and ceilings. They only retained the characteristic elements of original carpentry and architecture the House, in order to thus start to fill their things.

We can see some very recognizable furniture as the Beat Light Tom Dixon Fat in the kitchen or the Chair Zig-Zag of Gerrit Rietveld that we see in the classroom. The two chairs J77 there are chairs designed from Folke Pålsson in the dining room mixed together with Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair and other models, all of them in different colors and guarded by the Copper Lamp from Tom Dixon.

We see other not so well known furniture of the Scandinavian scene such as those of his own Studio, the Studio Roof, as the dining table, sofa and cardboard toys. The coffee table is Christien Starkenburg, the Egg Chair of the children’s bedroom is Sissy Boy and Inke vinyl.

All this mixed with patterned curtains, carpets spread out all over the House, thousand and one details and accessories placed in every corner of your home, stools, masks and industrial lamps and cushions with faces.

The end result is the of a home with lots of personality, comfortable and lived full of color and texture, It seems that in this House carry living life, is full of what are gathering throughout life. Memories of travel, read books, found treasures and toys that we don’t want to forget.