A Decorative Vinyl… to Replace Your Living Room Clock

That, replace your wall clock by a decorative vinyl It is what proposes with its catalogue of products Artsticks, an Italian company that you can find online.

The idea is simple, avoid the space that uses a wall clock with these models and make the wall of your living room, bedroom or kitchen a much more decorative place thanks to them.

To do this you only have to buy one of their kits, in different models and sizes, from those with fancy designs mimic to the more classic designs.

& #8220;Kit“ in addition to vinyl that you can combine to form which best suits your space, comes with a clock mechanism, which you must install on the wall so that everything works correctly.

Particularly I like for the casual and young, for the infant room or the living room floor. Places where you can highlight and with visitors or children that can stimulate and have fun.