A Fantastic Apartment in Stockholm with a Touch “Vintage”

This fantastic apartment in Stockholm with a vintage touch It is located in a beautiful building Haussmann-style. Not you ever wondered to see aglun building that you admire as they must be inside apartments.

In this case I am referring to the located in an elegant building sophisticated duplex with attic that we see in the photo. We will discover as it is on the inside, you’d never imagined that inside albegara so rustic. With a more identifiable style with a House of summer or the Mediterranean farmhouse, you will surprise.
Believe it or not it is of a mini duplex of 59 m² decorated flawlessly, where the owners have been able to take advantage of this relatively small space, and get a spacious home for nothing overwhelming.

It has been cleverly organized to take full advantage of every inch, as stack magazines in the hollow of the staircase, take advantage of the sill as a bookcase and place the shower hidden below stairs.

The owners have it refurbished and offered for sale, so if you feel like Fantastic Frank will help you to manage the purchase. ES a single bedroom apartment, so it is for a married couple without children.

I would stress the furnishing the successful combination of minimalism with the rustic style, and industrial touches and vintage. The rocker Eames, bath and stair gives minimalist touch.

The rustic look that has more presence owes it some precious wood floor with knots, and a lot of furniture natural, as the bathroom stool, dining room table and exposed beams.

The the kitchen and the living room lamps give industrial touch and glazed doors, of which I already talked carefully gives prominence to your doors and windows, strip them of all artifice, they are so beautiful and help to give a feeling of spaciousness, and to separate the kitchen from the dining room and the living room.

At last Add some pieces that give the home a more luminous, warm and feminine touch, It is the vintage touch. Succeed with antique pieces, like chairs, Cabinet, and the living room coffee table, all of them are painted in white and blue velvet sofa.

If I had to choose, can that what I like most is the kitchen, I like everything, the white small tile, the deep sink porcelain that fashion is, also the Worklight in zig I love zag and the ceiling.

The whole apartment is designed with a colour palette-based Earth tone and neutral, combined to create contrasts between whites, blacks and Browns. In this way they get this look natural and cosy giving breadth and luminosity to the space.

If you want a House with this issue follow these steps gives a natural, rustic and homey touch to your House after return from vacation and you will get.