A Heart with Red Thread

Now approaches a date so as it is Valentine’s day, it may be a good time to dare to give something original and created by ourselves to that special person who accompanies us every day, as well as take to recycle some woods that we have stored from previous retail.

For all these reasons, East made with red heart We have found a very interesting DIY, as well as a great decorative addition to a House, and so we wanted to share it with all of you to see if you fancy a try – we are sure that if.
To carry out this original thread just heart will be necessary to have a wood of the dimensions that you want – or need-, paper and a handful of long nails, wire – red or any other color that you like – and a hammer.

We will begin by placing a paper on wood, in which we will draw our hearts. Will then have to go nailing nails – forgive the repetition – along the line we have drawn, and not very large, perhaps two or three centimetres apart.

It is important, logically, that whole in the wooden nails, cannot enter if not you’ll have to nail them to leave about two centimeters. For this reason it is interesting that the nails are rather long, so then they can well withstand the passage of time and not end up falling.

And now the most fun and entertaining part: there are tying one end of the thread in one of the nails and begin rolling it from a few nails to others. This is not an exact science, nor much less, so you’ll have to be creative and make the trip that gives you the result that you like. In this step it is important to keep thread always taut and glued to the nail heads, so you then have that ‘floating’ appearance.

Now will be the time cut the yarn, tie the end into a nail, take a few steps back and see the beautiful work that we just created with our hands and a few simple tools. The person you give it no doubt will be pleasantly surprised.

And do not think only in a heart to give on Valentine’s day, This is a DIY that has many possibilities. It occurs to us, for example, a wood painted in white with a word written with black thread, or a dark wood with a funny Sun made with yellow yarn. You can even play with different colors of threads.