A House Full of Charm in The Emporda

L’Emporda It is a historical region of Catalonia, located in the province of Girona. Approximately coincides with the boundaries of the ancient County of Ampuria and takes its name from the Greek. The Empordà is a piece of paradise in Spain and I don’t say this because I have Empordà roots but because the landscapes and the privileged situation in the region, In addition to a terrific climate, they are enviable.

This House is located in Begur, close to the beach and belongs to the designer and owner of Dimoni Gros Interiors, Susana Galimany. In Dimoni Gros Interiors You can find the perfect furniture for home. From display cabinets, sofas or consoles, consoles and small accessories. And if there is trust in the style of a store for the decoration of the home of its owner, this store is going to love.

It’s one Town House painted color tile, with its patio, its recoletos corners and their terracotta flooring, which has preserved the ancient wooden doors that give it a unique personality.

Also has retained the classical ceilings of Catalan Masia making small arches and has remained in some rooms, like the kitchen, the vaulted brick ceiling.

The kitchen has a bar work, that also serves as a storage place and which separates it from the breakfast area, furnished with a lovely table of wood with wings and it has a door with stairs overlooking the garden of the House.

Have been kept in the rounded shapes of doors and windows. The room is decorated in neutral tones that give centre stage to antique wood coffee table and a beautiful etched console making boundary between a non-existent receiver and the area of the couch which is grouped around the fireplace.

On the upper floor the master bedroom It has retained the ceilings with the round beams, but it has given them a new air painting them white. And there are no doors that will stand in the master suite, just curtains to keep the privacy of the bathroom and closet.

The House is full of cozy corners and wonderful, as the place destined to office, under a window where the light enters streams or the huge cushions in the dressing room. The garden and patios are also special. The vines along the walls and nice tables and garden chairs of iron, painted in bright colours adorn each corner.

A very special place which Susana Galimany and Devil Gros Interiors have been created in this House of l ‘ Empordà.