A House in Japan Where Inside Meets Outside

In this peculiar House designed by Japanese Studio Sou Fujimoto is very difficult to distinguish the inside from the outside, since, as if it were a Russian doll, it is composed of three modules, one inside the other.

We realize that it sounds a little confusing, but seeing the images you can check that you it’s a solution as simple, in which they have managed to the interior of the House is founded with the outside, creating a simple and clean appearance housing.

The request for the study was create a pure and simple housing, so they came up with this interesting concept, in which an external structure contains two smaller, which are which are home to the interior of the House. In addition, they have arranged windows throughout the structure – even on the ceilings-taking into account the direction of the Sun, to take advantage of the brightness.

As you can see in the images, the holes in the outside structure do not have crystals, so the air flows freely, creating the feeling of being inside, but outside, which was the aim of the architect.

As regards decoration, all very simple also, as could not be otherwise. Note the touch oriental in the design of the garden, but not so much so in the general finish of the rooms, with clean straight lines, in addition to the combination of walls of a pristine white and light wood elements, which is more proper Nordic decoration.

The Interior rooms also feature large windows, so that creates feeling of being always on the outside, though protected, since these interior windows that have glass. The fact of having arranged a couple of trees at the entrance also power that feeling, no doubt.

The part intended for parking the car, as you can see on the picture who heads the article, is also integrated with the rest of the dwelling. That if the security system that makes door – the low wooden fence – is rather symbolic, although it is also true that it is Japan, a country that is often quite respect such things.

To us felt us a very original and striking architectural project, Although we don’t like especially to live. Perhaps we would have done without that outer “shell”, but of course, lose the originality that makes it unique. What you think about you, I would live in a House like this?