A Male Apartment in Paris

Long ago that I wanted to share this apartment in Decoesfera, and today the time has come, I already talked his precious bathroom ideas to dress up your bathroom with a tub of dream, but this time I’ll show you throughout the whole project.

It is a renovation of an apartment in Paris, RK Appartment, carried out by the NS Architects architecture Studio. Although at first glance, you say that it is a work of very male characteristics, it is perfect for everyone. No more I leave you to enjoy this male apartment in Paris.

A part of the masculine traits, is also rustic and natural, Thanks to wood flooring in Spike and a neutral palette-based tones grayscale and Lands, with chiaroscuro and contrasts give this homey touch.

Its main features are the conservation of all its characteristic architectural elements, together with a very purist, minimalist and little expressive, reform which gives it a completely modern and cosy at the same time.

I would stress su kitchen with its wonderful glass walls and bare windows throughout the apartment, two very contemporary features, of which I already talked carefully gives prominence to your doors and windows, strip them of all artifice, also are actors in this project materials such as metal and wood.

This work is part of this new trend of expressive minimalism that many architects being conducted generally in renovations of apartments Haussmann-style, giving free rein to simplicity with character, to the cosy minimalism.

In Decoesfera we have already highlighted some works of this type, as the exclusive and traditional Parisian apartment style Haussmann remodeled, more elegant and sophisticated that which concerns us today, without detracting from it.

General search contrast with the colors and materials, the dark wood of the floor with white paneled walls, the cold windows with the warmth of wooden furniture, sobriety and masculinity with the expressivity.

An apartment which exudes harmony and balance in all its facets, materials, colors, furniture, distribution and lighting. A space to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, is ultimately a very intimate apartment.