A Modern Apartment in Kiev in White and Grey, with Details of The Nature

In general I usually be more favour the use of warm colors in decoration and break the monotony with details on intense tonalities that the combination of gray and white that is what prevails in this apartment. However This House located in Kiev, He managed to conquer me with its colors, its contrasts and details of nature.

The House of over hundred and twenty square meters has been designed by Olena Yudina and has two distinct areas, one for guests and one for the regular inhabitants of the House. There are a bedroom with its own bathroom and a dressing room in the guest area and on the other side are the common areas along with the master bedroom and another bathroom.

White is the color that predominates throughout the House and most of the rooms are combined with the gray which is also a somewhat cold and completely neutral color. However these two colors contrasting with warm and natural tones such as green plants and wood Brown, as we can see in the picture above.

The living areas, Lounge, kitchen and dining room occupy the same space the absence of vertical separation between them. However, there is visual separation that can be seen in the image above because going from an area to another changes the soil and also the finish of the walls.

I liked very much the work area I can see in the photo above. It is something that I value much because in my house I always have to use in the houses. In this case it has opted for a simple, but very practical, furniture that can allow us to work from home with total comfort.

In the bedroom the same colors of reference that in the rest of the housing, white and grey combined with wood still used natural and appears an element which we had seen before, but had not mentioned, birds in black decorating some of the apparel and accessories.

Finally we are with the bathroom which is very functional and it maintains the same style of the other rooms of the House. Maybe is in the bathroom where more of less any note of color that could provide with the textile accessories, with white towels me is too cold, almost looks like a hotel rather than a home bath.

In the rest of the House not made less happy tones by the continuous presence of plants and because the wood in some areas brings great warmth, but in the bathroom is not anything like that and the white and grey alone are too cold and serious, at least for my taste… and to you, what do you think?