A Romantic Cabin for Garden

Although I have no garden at home, I love to find decorating ideas for this part of a house. I always see very original ideas to take advantage of all that space. What I like is to include extra and private corners in which to disconnect, so I loved this little house on sight.

A perfect place to relax and to be alone inside your own home. The fact the two heights seems much more practical still, since the bottom can become a very welcoming area for children to play; while the top is an ideal resting area. Although for this time of year is not very practical, it is a great idea for summer evenings.

Thanks to its size, as becomes a corner of rest; it can also be a cabin to share, play and relax with friends.

For those who rejoice in a spacious garden at home, I am sure you think a great idea. A rest area and play, perfect for the whole family.