A Shelf with a Branch of Tree

Many times we see furniture and decorative accessories that we like but which are too expensive. However others many times we realize that to get a corner with charm does not to be required to spend Lots of money. In fact there are a lot of decorative proposals at zero cost and all those who are still out of our imagination.

Without going any further, today we have a proposal excellent decorative and really cheap. The idea consists in Choose a tree branch that can be adapted to the rack function, will not serve to place things of great size, but some personal items to decorate.

Find the branch will not be difficult if we have some forest near home. At the weekend the search the branch can be the excellent excuse to leave country walk with the family. It will be necessary to Choose branch, of the proper size both in length and in diameter of your section and properly so that the result is perfect.

Once home we will have to make sure of that branch is well clean and dry before proceeding to place it on the wall. A drill and a bit of mana will require to put the relevant couplings, but will not take us long. When the branch is already on the wall just will have to find some adornitos to stand on it and so the wall is really decorated.