A Simple But Spectacular Cabin in The Woods

The truth is other adjectives not be occurred we see this cabin more than simple and spectacular. And it is that it has everything what should have housing designed for small weekend getaways and to enjoy the stunning forest that surrounds the.

That if, after look more closely at each of its corners some other adjectives, have reminded us as cozy, warm and comfortable, so we invite you to join us and visit this wondeful simple but spectacular cabin in the Woods.

Seeing the beautiful surrounding the cabin does not has missed that, despite having a rather traditional style, it has chosen to install some large windows on the sides of the housing — something more typical of modern architecture — so you can see the forest snow from the warmth of home.

Once inside the cabin we find that both the floor as the walls are completely white and wood, creating an incredible sense of spaciousness and cleanliness. At the entrance we can see a small reading corner, composed of a Chair and a nice stove, both dark, contrasting perfectly with the rest of the room.

In addition the great height of housing has taken advantage and a small mezzanine, which takes the place of study, which is accessed through the white stairs that you can see in the pictures is enabled.

This property key is, without a doubt, in the visual breadth and integration with the environment, and proof of this is, for example, the hollow that communicates the entrance with kitchen, and that allows us to contemplate the views of the other side of the cabin. A perfect resource for homes with meters.

The kitchen is relatively wide – more than enough for short-, and all the furniture is of pine wood, with what gets that look as cozy as of cabin in the middle of the forest, but without the as, in this case. In the kitchen you can enjoy of a nearly full view of everything around the cabin, thanks to the large windows in each wall.

The bathroom is the only room where we found a touch of color, in this case due to the peculiar coating in red colour from the shower, coming this even at the edge of the door, creating a decorative effect of the strangest.

The truth is that love to nature, so wouldn’t we be the lucky owners of a cabin of this type, so cozy and comfortable, for small weekend getaways in an environment that is as spectacular as this. What do you think? He makes a getaway?