A Small Apartment Full of Great Decorative Ideas

A few days ago we shared with you all an incredible housing, with very few square meters, had managed to combine a great distribution and a very interesting decoration.

As well, this time I want to show a small apartment full of great decorative ideas, also with a rather limited space – just 45 square meters-, but in which no doubt has come to a more colorful and functional result.
First of all comment that this project has been carried out by the Russian study INT2 Architecture, whose interior design works deserve that you take them out, because no waste – have the link at the end of the article -.

Now if we begin our visit to this apartment so striking in the main area, which is a large room in which we find ourselves together, but not scrambled, the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom, the latter separated by large curtains ranging from the ceiling to the floor.

Focusing on the bedroom, which is striking – apart from the division that we mentioned above – is the species of high platform on which rests the bed and that is, neither more nor less than an ingenious drawer system to provide more storage space under the floor, something really important in dwellings of few square meters.

In terms of decoration, we have great decorative ideas of different styles, such as the bedside table created with black piping and wood, the white-painted brick walls or the lamp composed of two bulbs hanging from two black wires. Decorated with a blend of styles that marry very well among them, and with an economic cost very low or it should be, since everything is recycled or hand made.

The living room, on the other hand, has a very fresh and modern decorative style, with bright colors and design elements that rounded off the set, such as for example our beloved Eames Chair. Although our preferred model is the white model without armrests we must recognise that green gives a great touch to the classroom.

The kitchen bar creates a salon perfect separation, although it is also provided a small white division as a brick wall, and which in addition serves to hang the TV on the one hand and have a big pantry closet on the other.

The kitchen has become our favorite stay. We love the distribution of furniture in so little space, as well as the combination of white furniture with wood top, but what we liked most were the decorative details, such as the slate wall, the original and colorful tiles, or the stunning photography in black and white of the Moose.

Although bath does not far behind, the truth. In this case have been combined the white-tiled squares with a black floor and touches in yellow, resulting in a very clean and modern environment. No doubt highlight detail to use tiles as if it were a Scrabble Board – and with allegorical words to the bathroom, as well as the precious wood of the tub covering.