A Small Cabin for Rent in Australia

Many kilometres separate us from this country, but even so it has always been one of our outstanding travel for the future. See accommodations like this small cabin for rent in Australia It does not but increase our desire to escape us a good season to this beautiful destination.

The accommodation itself is quite small, but the truth is that perfectly covers the basic needs that you can have in a more or less short stay. That Yes, it is imbued with of a Scandinavian style We love.

Still being small, struck by the incredible light that floods the entire stay, and it gives you a great feeling of spaciousness, thanks to the large windows that can be seen in the main room, something basic when there are few meters.

In terms of the distribution of space, as you can see in the photographs, the small cabin is basically composed of a main stay, It serves as a living room and bedroom, and on which sits an attic, where we find a second bed.

In the main area, as we say, we are sharing space to the bedroom and the living room. Although far from being a living room bedroom, would see it as a bedroom that has been enabled a small space at the entrance to place a sofa, a small table and a Chair.

In the pictures not seen very well, but there is also space on the side of the bottom of the stay for a small kitchen area, and even a table and two chairs. In this room the protagonists are the walls, with a nice blue tone, which contrasts perfectly with the elements of natural wood.

On top of all this is the attic, which should undoubtedly be subject of disputes among the occupants of the cabin, because in our opinion it is the area most charming of all housing, Thanks to the attic so cozy effect and door converted into a window that presides over the bed.

In addition the entire roof is of natural wood, also helping to create a very welcoming environment in the area of the attic. In addition, all textiles have been brought from different parts of the world, something that also gives you an extra value to the set point.

Finally, nothing better than to look at the outside area, where we can see that the cabin is located in alto, having made possible in this way a small wooden terrace, perfect to enjoy the Australian Sun.