A Special Table for Valentine’s Day

I am not a friend to celebrate Valentine, but put a beautiful tables. Any menu and any celebration or any meeting either couple or friends, are better with a well set table, with interest and affection.

If you think that a table for Valentine’s day should be filled with hearts and corny, I will not be who you contradict, now, before I prefer that the Earth opens and I swallow to much cake indigeste me. I searched tables that tell us something, impacting us and serving for all tastes.

Tablecloths should be consistent with the rest of the decor. We often have precious thread embroidered tablecloths, topped with lace or brocades that lead time in a drawer and never we decided to use, these celebrations are the right time.

While the tablecloths I really like, I have to admit that if you have a beautiful wooden table, It’s great to be able to show it off and we could opt for a few individual placemats, such that the Decorator Caitin Leffel We recommended, of thread with hemstitch, with their napkins to game. If your table does not have an envelope or slightly ajada lucible, a simple color fabric will serve to put under the individual.

A special dishes, Perhaps almoneda or inheritance, then we will keep much of putting in the dishwasher so that it is not damaged, will give you a touch vintage very elegant. Sometimes these dishes we get incomplete, that not you import!

They can be mixed dishes without problems, put a plain dish, the soup from another and a bowl of a third, provided that it is done with grace. Look at the effect from a distance, because it is the typical thing that can be great or a churro.

Normally have to choose between chandeliers with candles or floral Center, but on this occasion the best will have the two, since I will not be universal dinner tradition who break in Valentine to the Candlelight (and it is also a huge energy savings). If you have candles of the same tone drawings from the crockery and the flowers of the Center the result will be spectacular.

The cutlery It is essential. Anything that kills the sophistication of a well set table as a vulgar or ugly completed more quickly. Seek a beautiful cutlery, decoration stores have lots of models to choose each one to your liking. If you find or you want to spend, a attached loop taking the three covered it is decorative and original.

Now we are going with the bajoplatos and the saucers the bread. I personally love them, whether of colors, of Crystal, silver, alpaca or derivatives or even of rattan. Give the table a touch of celebration.

The cup of the bread with their wipes are decorative and we prevent the crumbs of bread to be distributed by the entire table and (if the plates are made of metal) that are in contact with the metal is often cleaned with chemicals.

Finally, I leave you a classic table of Valentine´s Day, so do not say that I am a soda. You held it well