A Stunning Swedish Cabin Full of Details

We know that we are a little insistent with Scandinavian-style design, but it is that, apart from being one of our favorite decorative styles – if not that more-, there are some homes or apartments that make use of that deserve to be shared.

Such is the case of this stunning Swedish cabin full of details. Being located in Sweden and it is a good starting point for a good Nordic decoration, but already you can see as it has plenty of interesting details that get you to put the icing on the cake.
If we were to stay with a stay, no doubt that would be the corresponding to the dining room, and whose photograph heads this article. And is that impressive solid wood table along with impressive industrial-style lamps and chairs Tolix – fashionable lately – we have captivated at first glance.

Note also the white wood ceiling and wall work, both “dotted” by some impressive wooden beams, which have all the earmarks of having been recovered some old building, or even telephone poles or railway.

Glancing at the show also seen divisions in this cabin to shine a little absent, allowing that a few spaces are interspersed with others, passing on an amplitude quite remarkable. The large number of windows also collaborate to flooding all of natural light.

That Yes, the soil here becomes the undisputed protagonist, with a hue and brightness that make highlight above all else. Special width of the slats does if not increase this desire for prominence.

The top floor of this Swedish cabin inside dormitories, in which it was decided by a total white wood finish, ground, both on the walls and the roof with an attic, we presume to give it some more brightness, since this plant there is insufficient windows.

Against all odds have been granted the majority of meters on the fourth child, giving rise to a large dormitorio-sala of games, in which any child could move all day playing. The only thing that has not convinced us of this room has been as fixed bed, “embedding” it on the mansard roof. Having so much space it seems to us that a free bed would have been much better, as well as being much more comfortable to use.