A Tipi to Play with Children

If you have small children at home, surely today’s post you will love them and especially when you see the result. Let’s make an Indian tipi so they can have fun and play at home cowboys and Indians as if they were in the very far west.

Slats or sticks will need a long wood, rope, tape and fabric. Let’s do it!

First you have to place the strips to form the structure of the tipi. For bats do not move while you do this DIY, you must join them at the top with ropes and tape. Once you have separated and have the appropriate size and space, attach and tighten with ropes to the tipi to remain standing. Make sure they are properly secured to prevent it falling.


Next you are to place the fabric. It can serve any fabric a little stronger than adornaréis to your taste with motifs that will remind the typical Indian aesthetics. You must place it around the structure and sew the top so that only left open the entrance. I advise you to watch out the back of the fabric to the sticks so that it does not move, can use staples or string.

To finish and make much more comfortable and cozy tipi, colocad a large cushion or colchoncito inside.

Via: Mom recycles