A Victorian House to The North of London

We must acknowledge that we are not very friends of Baroque decoration, but this Victorian house situated to the North of London We love it, because it manages to mix this more classic basis with some modern elements, which cosy gives a result of most.

In this small tour we will try to discover the keys to this London home decoration, and thus carry out some of these in our own homes. If this type of decoration like it, of course.
We started the tour of the Hall, which can see Headlining this article, and that the first thing that draws our attention is the precious soil of dark wood, in contrast to the white walls, high ceiling and the incredible window after a classic sofa.

It is also, as we can see in the picture, artfully dotted with various elements which contrast with the general Victorian decor, such as the picture found on the floor next to the sofa, or the letter or Golden on the other side. These are the details that manage to balance the set and add a Bohemian touch, in our opinion.

The kitchen is, without a doubt, stay that we liked this London House. There are several factors that we have liked, but the main thing has been generous space that has been dedicated to him and the massive use of white to get an impressive brightness, something important in the capital British, famous for its little sunlight.

Besides being very spacious, it has been distributed quite correctly, so there is space enough for a large wood accompanied by banks dining table. The column that was in the middle of the kitchen has been known to save making it part of an island lined with dark wood. Thus, instead of having a clog, have got more work area.

In the bedroom we found a haven of peace, where there is no decorative shrillness. A simple white nightstand next to the bed, on which we find a completely black lamp. All this bathed by natural light that enters through the large side window. As we have said, nothing of stridency, although perhaps they miss something of decoration on the wall of the bed.

In the area of work, however, despite being small if you can find some decorative elements very interesting, as the box supported on the floor under the window, or the antler that we see on the Bank. Special mention to the tulip Chair, all a work of art by itself alone, and one of our favorite chairs – very close to our beloved marriage Eames DSW-.

We wanted to leave to the end one of the most striking rooms of this House London: the bathroom. And it is that any bathroom that has one of these Victorian style bathtubs certainly draws attention. The fact of having kept wood flooring throughout the stay and have a door that gives access to the balcony merely give points in his favor, no doubt.

The result of this London Victorian house liked us, ultimately. Do you think you? Were you some detail?