Adds a Turquoise Touch to Your Kitchen

This week you will color, we started the week with the colourful proposals of Superfront, we continue by adding a yellow touch to your home, we continue with a medley of colors in a beautiful Dutch home and today I propose that you add a turquoise touch to your kitchen.

I’ve prepared a selection of kitchens with different decorative styles, where all agree to use turquoise as decorative color, either in any accessory, appliances or furniture.

In furniture

It is a color that despite being colorful and exaggerated is surprisingly well, It is not excessive and gives life to the kitchen. However it would not all this color cuisine, but if several furniture, from the front of the kitchen to the dining table.

You can also get this color chairs, mira well you feel you the Tolix this kitchen with tiled floors hydraulic, It gives you an air between vintage and industrial.

In the last image of this entry we see another proposal where used Chair in turquoise, but with a completely different style, in this case are decided by the Eames Chair that contrasts with the white of all the cooking, they just decoration with a couple of accessories more in turquoise, specifically a few tea towels.

In addition you can it combine with any color palette, from a dark kitchen with rustic furniture of oak, to a kitchen of neutral tones with aluminium furniture or also a kitchen furniture pine and an extra bright, clear palette.

In appliances

Smeg is the Queen of colors, This House offers you your appliances in a wide range of colors. In general becomes the fridge, but you can also add a turquoise kitchen or small appliances such as Kitchen Aid coffee maker.

In accessories

If you dare not with furniture or appliances, you are afraid of getting tired soon of this color. The best thing you can do is first test with accessories and kitchen gadgets.

From tea towels estamapdas patterned graphic, floral and smooth as we have been seeing over the post, a collection of bowls, trays, dishes, a set of knives and kitchen utensils.

Adds details of color with a vase, some flowers, a small wall or a large industrial-style lamp or a wall clock. Another beautiful option is to put a top in blue, in this case we see one made with tiles of 10 x 10.

As you can see all the options are beautiful, contemporary and minimalist cuisine is very sober colors and elegant, the cheerful and colourful kitchen with contrasts and patterns or the classic kitchen vinatge with industrial touches, based on earth colors, gray and turquoise, all styles are beautiful.