An Adorable House in Sweden Full of Color

I love it the white color in decoration, It is clean and bright and there is no place that is not well nor any style that does not fit, but I also love the bright colours and I think that the ideal is to find the balance between the two. White can only be cold and boring, but passed with intense tones is not good.

In this House in Sweden I believe that they have managed to the perfect balance between colors in each and every one of the rooms of the House. White has great prominence in housing, but in all the rooms there are plenty of details in bright colours and also appears in some black. We’ll see how to combine many tones to achieve a perfect result.

This is the House seen from the outside, all white, seeing it so hard to imagine is everyone colored one found after going through the door. However the shape of the House also love, the traditional style of the Swedish houses is adorable.

In the photo above, we have a good first example of space organization, taking advantage of nooks for storage and balanced combination of various colors. Green and purple contrast with the White and with all different pads together, placed a few together to others to create a welcoming atmosphere and decorate.

The kitchen shares space with the living room and dining room that I saw in the first image in this article. The white soil has a stripe painted in dark to delimit the separation of spaces. All walls are white except for the impact. The kitchen is small, so you have some accumulation of things, but in the living and dining area, the atmosphere is lighter and more comfortable.

The staircase is one of the most daring thing I have ever seen, all painted in red color, as we can see in the photo above. The treads red contrasts with the white of the wall which is decorated with pictures of different sizes and framed in different formats to give a casual touch to the whole.

We would already like to many to have at home a so bright and spacious work area How is he. Clear that for this should be a room that can be for that use, but if we have it, we can take this ideas. A spacious and comfortable table for work, white to gain more light and a good storage space to keep everything related to our work.

The bathroom combines different types of tiles in neutral colors, the note of color is put with the carpet and the decorative details. Although many things are hidden in the personal column of translucent door, also there are other sight in the basin area, functional and decorative.

The child room is just great, the bedroom that small would all have liked. You have a lot of adorable details, from high bed protected by a network, until the area closed by way of small House that may serve to place another bed or as a playground.

Storage is organized at an appropriate height for the smaller House can actively participate in it and has table and chairs to draw, to read or to do tasks related to the learning of any discipline. This room is what you liked most of the House, no doubt.