An Apartment with Soul in Milan Designed by Studio Dimore

In Milan, Dimore Studio, the italo-American duo formed by Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci they revisit the Italian palaces, adding his magic touch. Without deleting one iota of authenticity and character of these palaces, Dimore, they hijack it and renew it masterfully. You can not miss it.

An apartment with soul in Milan designed by Studio Dimore, with a dark and contemporary retro aesthetic, with bright touches, great texture, and two large Allied light and color, they make their rather exquisite work and great sensitivity.

All this thanks to the wealth of his palette of colors and a treatment of the color of an overwhelming sensitivity, along with a powerful and delicate textures work. Carpets of silk, rusted metals, Woods’s age, bright tables, ice-cream marble and masterpieces of texture surfaces.

The exuberance of these textures is mixed with the dramatic work of natural lighting, the majestic windows, your blinds and shutters create a range of shades, giving the space a very majestic theatrical character.

Creating a perfect symbiosis with the mixture of objects that have been rescued from different places and times, an eclectic look of great Milanese contemporary sensibility. The exquisiteness of the textures and the theatrical nature of the space, undoubtedly, is the hallmark of the Milanese design.

Dimore study has created, in the elegant Bohemian Brera district, a space with hearth, where you can perceive the footprint of the time and the secret soul of objects. The play of light, provides a dense chiaroscuro and enclosures.

This latest achievement could serve as a backdrop for a work of Shakespeare, they capture both an academic and welcoming atmosphere with a patina of various past some distant and not-so. Classicism and tradition go hand in hand to evoke an emotion in each space, each environment is a small scenery.

The perfect amount between a good raw material with shutters half closed, elegant shutters, large connecting rooms, high ceilings, coffered ceilings, endless corridors, hieseria, and fresh, more color, texture and Dimore design work the apartment evokes the decadent, romantic and picturesque environment of an Italian Palace.

“Our strength is complementary. When we met in 2003 on a project for a hotel in Singapore, quickly we realized that we could learn from this artistic complicity.”says Dimore Studio.

They are imaginative, creative and evocative, with an exquisite and impeccable taste single and placed each piece so that it complements and works to perfection with a mastery of exceptional color. Is ultimately a great job.