An Old Bathroom Renovated with Five Details

We can always do the reform of the bathroom when we’d, we sometimes have to settle for the bathroom we have, although a little old or outdated. But while we wait for the right time to make the comprehensive reform, we can make small changes that can help us to achieve a look for the bathroom It fits more to our tastes.

In particular, in the bathroom of the photos in this article it has experienced five small changes and although it is still an old bathroom, it has now become a charming retro style bath. Are only five details that have been renovated, but do to the bathroom really look like new, see what are.

  • We started by the painting in the area that remains in view above the tiles, which have moved to white blue.
  • We continue with a lamp extra that has been placed to increase clarity.
  • The towels are also new, something very easy to change and that is very visible in the bathroom, which forms part important style.
  • The Accessories for basin they have also changed, is another of the things that we can change easily, if we want to see our different bathroom.
  • And has also included a plant. A bit of nature in any room of the House never comes bad, bathroom included.

To my truth is that I love how it has been and I think very inspiring, because they are changes that we can all do at home easily. And you, what say?