An Old Bus Transformed into a Beautiful House

To solve the problem of housing in Israel, Tali Shaul, a psychotherapist and Hagit Morevski, a water treatment specialist – not occurred to two women – anything other than transformar an old bus in a beautiful House.

With the help of his friend, designer Vered Sofer Drori, they have managed to turn what was an old and dilapidated bus of Israeli public transport in a real House with wheels that I do not know if it will solve the problem of housing in the country, but certainly a beautiful design exercise.

As I said, the starting point is a ramshackle bus, without seats and in a pretty bad state. Before decoration, it had fixed many things, including windows, wheels steps, floors and ceilings.

As we got on the bus, we find ourselves with a small reading area where before was the driver. The steering wheel has been preserved, but instead of the seat, there is now a small pouf and a coffee table. Needless to say that the engine – not fixed even if the lights – and the idea is that this bus does not lead anymore, so it is not a camper, although it would be nice.

After the reading corner we find the kitchen and dining area, that dominates the main room. To one side, a bar kitchen with many cabinets, a sink, a small glass-ceramic and many worksurface. To the other side, two chairs retro style – as American cafes of the 50 – and a table game.

In the center of the bus is bathroom and storage area, decorated with a large vinyl of Audrey Hepburn. The bathroom there is a too good outlet, but is sensed a wide shower and a washbasin of standard sizes, so it should be comfortable to use.

Finally we came to the bedroom, It is located at the back of the bus, which serves also as a lounge. In it there is a large bed which occupied the entire width, with plenty of cushions and armrests to fulfil its function as a sofa.

Some of the finishes, not enthusiastic in excess as the lining of the roof or the steps of the wheels, which are like quilts, but in general the transformation of this bus in a beautiful House It has many more lights shadows. If I were a rich man and had a big house with garden, it wouldn’t let me have one of these as guest house or for my children pass the night with friends.