An Old School Bus Converted into a Dwelling

Many of you might have happened you that you have a site and you want to build in it, but you are with problems to get the permits and for which the surface allowing you to build meets your needs. It is very frequent that one do not materialize their dream home by a legal problem.

That happened to Hank Butitta, an architecture student who wanted to make a House for a family farm but that faced with a lot of obstacles have opted to buy an old school bus into a dwelling Mobile. For that not no permission is needed and also served as thesis and now uses it to travel around us.

Decorative level it is not what is said to be spectacular, but in functionality cannot be you no but. An open space in which there are kitchen, living area, work tables and beds sleeping. Everything any need for their day to day, also wood which takes the bus on the inside makes it warm and welcoming.

And as I know that you are asking you, I will tell you that Yes, that has also thought about the theme of the bathroom, even if by now only features with a portable toilet and a foot to the kitchen sink pump, has in mind to solve the problem in a definitive manner in the future with integrated piping.