Antique Wooden Wall Clocks with Pendulum

Wall clocks in the antique look

Want an antique wooden wall clock with pendulum? Here is how you can give soul and warmth to your home. Here you will find a selection of gorgeous wall clocks-ranging from the classic to the more romantic wall clocks wall clocks. We emphasize that all clocks are in great quality and in just the right romantic country style.

Antique Pendulum Wooden Wall Clocks

The Internetages is characterized by a combination of design and idea. Internetages is a successful spruces there are specialized in clock home. The company has a strong in-house team of creative staff and more established collaborations with nuances. The objective is to liggge the lead in technology, materials and design.


Internetages’s Vintage Red Square delicious bright red wall clock with chrome numerals and hands. The figures are broad and lofty which given the clock character.

Materials: wooden
Size: 35×35 cm
Manufacturer: Internetages
Design: BOX32

Spruces are known for combining high quality and good design. Nextime is a lofty founded 1970 and is represented in more than 50 countries all over the world. It is a leading manufacturer of Hilversum. With its good designers and the well-designed and qualitative NeXtime wall clocks are become a respected company with many popular products.

The wall clock Nextime Plug-Inn is perhaps the best known of NeXtimes all wall clocks, designed by Frits Vink and a 50’s inspired retro look that is easy to be delighted in. Frits Vink use design as a language to convey emotions, the playfulness in his design is contagious and his Nextime Plug-Inn clock adds a refined statement to any room.