Apartment with 1 Bedroom, Eclectic and with Lots of Character

This apartment is proof that, Although we have few meters, always you can get much out of space. It is located in the Centre of Warsaw, in a modernist building from 1930. That gives character, personality and original element which becomes protagonist of the housing: the wall of reddish brick making of large mural on which work.
The reform of this apartment with 1 bedroom and eclectic decor, It has gone through the redistribution of space. In the habitability of housing has played a very important role change in the kitchen, placing the bathroom taking advantage of the plumbing and, finally, the creation of a small dressing room annex. We see it everywhere.

In the living area, where we can see a sofa with ethnic textiles and decorative pieces that the owner of the apartment has been collecting in your travels, has been used one of the walls to find the kitchen. It is an open design, straight lines and fully functional, which contrasts with the rest of the DECO of the apartment.

When, in the same space, must locate and delineate different areas, one of the decorative easy options to get it, is the de illuminate every area with the kind of light that will better. In the kitchen, a series of spotlights on track will be perfect (remember that the recessed lighting needs a false ceiling that sometimes there is no) and at the dining room table, we can give importance, picking up a lamp on it.

The bedroom is integrated in the space through a retractable door. Also would have been perfect a flush, but this solution provides “charm” to the decor, while it is pretty and practical.

We are talking about an apartment 56 sqm, but We don’t have the feeling that it is small, isn’t it? It’s partly by the luminosity and the white background of the decoration. Gallery with glass doors is a luxury that enlarges the space and creates the illusion of multiply meters.In love I am that which appears in the background, and desktop that becomes in small workspace apart from the main living area. The door we see to the side is the perfect solution to have the dressing room by hand, but not to see it.

The bathroom has that mix perfect, difficult to achieve, between the new and vintage character. The flooring tiles, whose design continues in the area of the entrance, were typical during the post-war period of the city. The sink, simple but with marble tabletop, is the protagonist of this area.

Area of the apartment entrance, practical and eclectic pieces and a large mirror that enlarges the space, welcomes us and welcomes us to the House, don’t you think?.In the plane of the before and after, all changes that have been made are still more clear and improving the functionality of this apartment thanks to a well-planned distribution and a new conception, modern and adapted to the needs of today’s available meters.