Beautiful Home in Which The Wood Is The Absolute Protagonist

The use of natural wood in interior decoration It is something that we love, from a good wooden floor to all kinds of details, such as tables, chairs, etc. We like it so much that, many more elements of wood beech – although always trying to find the balance-better.

Taking all that into account, is not surprising that this beautiful house in which wood is the absolute protagonist us has fallen in love at first sight, thanks to the large amount of details and elements in this noble material.
No doubt the first thing that is striking in this housing is the impressive wood flooring, with a striking effect spent, creating an atmosphere more cozy and warm. In the picture that heads the article you can see it in all its glory in the lounge area.

Also in the living room you can see other decorative elements of wood, as the lamp which appears in the foreground, a little doll, or even sliding door that gives to the adjoining room, It consists of light-wood slats, apparently without trying.

At the entrance of the housing is located which is, perhaps, the most striking element of all: an impressive beam that reaches to the ceiling. Not in vain it is of a dwelling with 100 years old, restored completely, while retaining many elements of then.

Also called enough attention the staircase that leads up to the floor above, which has been fully lined with wooden panels. This has perhaps been the decorative technique with wood that least liked us, since it gives us some sense of fragility.

In one of the bedrooms also have been left views of impressive wooden beams, automatically becoming absolute protagonists. The practical absence of decoration on the walls and the all-white color of these does more than enhance the prominence of the wood, which we love.

The small kitchen was not going to be less, and of course also has its wooden details. Specifically we found it in the form of a wall cladding, in a light shade of Scandinavian more. The rest of the kitchen seems very correct, with a few white furniture combined with top dark. That if, having, as in this case, a window in the kitchen, is priceless. I wish we had this possibility.

We don’t want to dismiss us without looking at the beautiful toilet-, assume – attic, with a basin of work ranging from wall to wall, and a side window that floods the small space of an incredible natural light. In this case the skirting and staircase are the details of wood.