Beautiful House of EcoDesignFinca with Prefabricated Elements in Mallorca

Build the House of one’s dreams no doubt worse work. Always problems, costs tend to rise above expected and it is rare that everything goes to ask mouth without having complications. The use of prefabricated elements You can simplify the process and the outcome, as we can see in the pictures of this article can be excellent.

Stephen Nickel EcoDesignFinca He built this House for him and his family in Mallorca, a dream house of these threatening us long teeth, but that at the same time we like to see. The village in the form of H is wrapped around a beautiful courtyard with a swimming pool and plenty of space around to rest, eat and spend time with family and friends.

The House is very accessible single-storey It consists of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom en suite, a spa with sauna, a large entrance hall with a piano, which we can see in the photo on these lines, kitchen and dining room.

Between the salient features of the House not they are is heating radiant floors, exterior walls insulated, double-glazed windows and a ventilation system and heat pump to maintain the ideal temperature during all seasons of the year.

The kitchen We can see in the photo above is modern and very functional. It communicates directly with the dining area, although the environments are very different. The kitchen furniture is white and smooth, almost merge with wall and have a broad and practical work surface to prepare the best dishes.

The living room It is directly connected to the patio and pool, with large windows that allow natural light enters the House and fill it with clarity. Soft colors, key players in the decoration of this space make that clarity to multiply, though there are also lively details and pads in Fuchsia we see close-up intense tones.

In the photo above you can see one of the bedrooms, minimalist in decor, with white and light colors as chosen for decorating colors. The door communicates with the outside just as it happens in other rooms of the House, the union of the interior of the House with the environment that surrounds it has been fundamental in this project.

The walk-in closet in the master bedroom It is wonderful, it has plenty of space for storing clothes distributed on shelves, on the left and hanging areas that we can see on the right in the photo. The shelves boxes have been placed to keep shoes and smaller objects and photographs decorating the wall to give it a personal touch,

And we finished our tour of the villa in one of the bathrooms that it maintains the same as cute decorative style of the rest of the House. In the bathroom we have direct communication with the outside of the House, plenty of natural light and light colors that intensify it. The flowers decorating stand out that search of interaction with the natural environment is so nice.