Before and after: a Bathroom Completely Renovated by Less of 100 Euros

When we bought a second hand House or we’re going to live in a rental, it is relatively likely that bath do not like us very much and most likely even that we are not willing to spend a millionaire in the reform.

But there are small changes we can make in the bathroom to make it more welcoming, without doing a great work and without having to spend much money. Here we have today a good example of a bathroom that is renewed and full of style for less than 100 euros.

It’s one reform carried out by Young House Love at home, the truth is that these guys always surprise with good ideas. Is true that have a House with a lot of potential, but always explain very well step by step all the small changes that are doing it.

On this occasion they began by tap, He had old Besides not being very much to your taste in style was a single-lever mixer with difficulty distinguish whether what opened was cold or hot, so decided to replace it with which you can see in the photo above.

But the bathroom needed more changes and was not on tap alone that were also made they painted the wall and the washbasin, they changed the mirror and made changes in lighting and completed the set with some decorative details.

And in the photo above you have the final result which cannot be more perfect with the budget in mind. It is understood that a reform of this style can be provisionally. A small expenditure to achieve a better bathroom use during the time that one needs to raise enough money to make the final work.