Before and after: a Very Male Apartment in Madrid

I never thought that it could assign a gender to a space, but sometimes the adjectives are alone, and without a doubt This apartment in Madrid is very masculine. Probably be a thing of the chosen colors, with a predominance of black, white and different grey tones, just sprinkled with an occasional touch of pink and Red.

The reform of this ancient dwelling has been in charge of the also-Madrid Marcos Mela architecture Studio, those who have managed to transform a chaotic and disjointed housing into a space where the owner, a young boy, feel comfortable and you could have your friends.

Noting the the previous state plane You can see the fragmented farms. From a small lobby is accessed to the kitchen, the living room and a tiny bath, while it was necessary to go through the living room to get to the rooms.

The housing also had with two narrow balconies that just it were used, it was decided to close them. Not only to win space, but also light, as well as the possibility of converting those spaces on a provisional terrace thanks to some large windows.

The new distribution is a complete transformation of the floor. Only the location of the toilet by practical issues and budget has been preserved, but even so the bathroom is now much more practical, comfortable and intimate.

However, the most interesting is the living area: a large rectangular room with a nice kitchen, a dining table and a corner with a huge sofa that sitting down to chat with visitors. A really bright and pleasant room.

As regards materials and finishes It concerns, the first thing that draws the attention are the pillars and beams of concrete, as well as the brick wall that looms behind the sofa. Though maybe on the ground have not you noticed, it is also the polished cement screed.

We must return to influence in colors, or rather his absence, because they consist of white, black and a grey scale, with some note of red and pink, very interesting, something that we find in all the House. Furniture does not get rid of this choice of colour, highlighting especially the Panton chairs surrounding the classical Saarinen Tulip table.

The kitchen I prefer the stretch of wall between the high and low furniture that is painted slate; perfect for leaving notes and sign what is lacking for the purchase. Nor have overlooked how well integrated is the range hood.

In the bathroom there are two really interesting details. On the one hand, the use of white tile for all surfaces, which increases the feeling of spaciousness; on the other hand, the small window that opens to the bedroom and providing natural light, collaborating in the aforementioned sense of spaciousness.

Finally we have to visit the bedroom, where can we see the effect of this window to the bathroom from the other side. The most shameful may disagree, but my seems a great idea. I love baths with natural light.