Book | Exhibition | Reading Salon / / What Are We Reading Tonight? May We Introduce: Krumulus.

Last year, when I shot my rounds through the neighborhood with baby number 3 a day, I stood one morning before the newly opened children’s book shop in KRUMULUS. And what can I tell you?

It is the most beautiful Bookstore, which I discovered in Berlin for a long time. And the reason is quite simple: not only a quite wonderfully diverse selection of children’s and youth books behind this book store – no, Anna Morlinghaus and her team in the back rooms also pressure for children offer courses. There are changing exhibitions on various topics, and the whole store turns flux in the respective matching theme world. This is but long since not everything:

The regular reading Salon impresses with carefully selected books that are read so fantastic, that one astonished listens even as an adult and deeply immersed in the featured stories. Here you will always happily received, here you can get always the best stories, here there is always at least one or two new books or radio plays and here we all go just always liked.

Anna Morlinghaus is even graphic designer, has studied at the Academy in Kraków, and in 2006 along with her partner opened a gallery of contemporary Eastern European art before she last year called the book and print workshop shop on the South star in life.

Love little Krumulus, let me never be greeting.
This is the spell Pippi Langstrumpf and her friends say, as they swallow the mysterious Krumulus pills at the end of their joint adventure: never boring adults to have, which to annoy around with Kumminalsteuern and have forgotten how to play.

In this book store is a

Never, really never gets boring. Who does not live in Berlin, must be sad at this point, but has great luck: Krumulus there is also online!

And the Allertollste: Anna is us here in future monthly – sometimes perhaps more often present their latest favorite books – and what should we say? We forward reading now on the full charge!