Books to Learn to Draw

Many people who dream about studying architecture and design wonder if you need to learn to draw in architecture school, or even if you need to know to draw to be an architect.

Books to Learn to Draw

The drawing is the medium of expression of the architect and of the designer, it is through drawing that we transform our ideas into a project, so that one day if you turn in a work, in the case of architecture.

It is important to know how to draw, but you don’t need to go to college knowing how to draw, is part of the curriculum of the courses of architecture and design drawing lessons free and drawing technician, it is clear that you will not become a Picasso with only a few hours of drawing classes.

No one is born knowing how to draw, learning to draw requires training and motivation, in addition to having the knowledge of the best techniques of drawing, which can be a big help especially for anyone who is starting to draw.

Another type of drawing that you will learn to make in the faculty of architect, at least, is the technical drawing of blueprints, or technical drawing for civil construction, and will not only learn to draw plans, sections and elevations as will knowing how to read the projects, know the meaning of each stroke, each point, each thickness of carbon-graphite.

There are people who think that technology will replace the drawings, that in the future the projects will be made only on the computer, drawings digital. But, the truth is that computers, tablet’s, tables of drawing to the computer are only tools, like a brush of a painter, who does the painting is not the brush but the painter.

And if you do not know to draw the hand, do not have software that save thee, and to know the techniques of drawing is important regardless of the instrument you will use to express themselves.

But, do not despair, do not jerk the hair if you do not know to draw because I prepared this post just to help you out, I selected a few books of drawings that will help you learn drawing techniques as well legal.

Are books drawing for architects, designers, and also for all the people who have the will to start drawing.

Books Drawing

Design: Tricks, Techniques, and Resources for Visual Inspiration. Birch, Helen. Editora Gustavo Gili Publisher GG. This book is almost a pocket book, it is quite small, but that is sensational about the drawings, he teaches you some important fundamentals of drawing such as the lines, the colors, patterns, visual textures, light and shadow, colors, etc.

This book on design also presents some works of drawings illustrated and the techniques used in each image. What are the types of. used and what are the techniques applied in each drawing.

Urban Sketching, Comprehensive Guide to the Techniques of Urban Design. Thorspecken, Thomas. The Publisher Gustavo Gili. The second book of the list is great for architects and I’m going to say the reason it is a book that teaches how to make drawings about the city, urban designs, and in the first year of architecture, students learn to observe the city, its forms, its textures, the architecture, the landscape.

All of this develops the look of the architect, makes you analyze the details of construction, which the party of the architectural was used in the buildings. But, I consider that urban design is important also because it makes you look at the list of people with the city. As people take ownership of the constructed space and the architecture is the construction of livable space for people. So people should always be the center of the departure of the architects.

Turning to the book of urban design, it is great for architects in training teaches instruments which paint to use to draw on the street, pens, thicknesses, pencils, paints.. Shows you everything you need to survive during the hours in which you’ll be sitting drawing the city.

Teaches you to observe and draw the human figure, his movements and facial expressions, types of strokes, tonal value, color mixing paint, the perception and representation of colors. Still teaches some basics of photoshop to enhance the drawings to be hand made.

When I attended architecture teachers of drawing taught to the students by taking them out of the classroom to draw buildings and landscapes. As soon as you learn to draw architecture, designing the architecture.

Street Art – Techniques and Materials for Urban Art. Carlsson, Benke; Louie, Hop. Publisher GG. Even in the urban environment, but running away from the architecture to the urban art this book is in every form of art, graffiti, posters, adbusting, stencil, guerrilla marketing, mosaic tiles, stickers, screen printing, and perler beads. It is a book that teaches you how to produce your own urban art-step-by-step and in addition, has several works of urban artists.

Being the urban art a form of intervention and a form of communication that uses the city as a backdrop, it is interesting to study to drop the be creative that exists within you.

Could not pass unnoticed the collection of books of drawing Peter Jenny – professor of Graphic Design at the ETH Zurich University, Switzerland – also the publisher Gustavo Gili. A fantastic collection that gather 5 books: A Look at Creative, Anatomical Design, Drawing Techniques, SketchBook , and still the book How to Draw it the Wrong Way.

Are a collection, instigate and proposes exercises that stimulate creativity, teach the principles of human anatomy in drawing, drawing techniques to create sensory perceptions, and even how to get rid of the conventions of what you think you know about drawing and make your design more creative, all this in 4 books with 22 practical exercises in each book.

Draw! Drawing course dynamic for anyone with a pencil and paper at hand. Piyasena, Sam; Philip, Berverly. Publisher GG. This perhaps should be the first drawing book that you should acquire if you want to start drawing. Because it is a true drawing course with practical exercises 65 exercises, with techniques of basic drawing for beginners, teaches the theory of the design of a simple way, comes to the line, the dash, the light and shadow, movement, gestures, and even motifs and textures.

All of these books above are free drawing techniques to create sketches, perspectives, landscapes. But, the next one is about technical drawing.

One thing is the creative design of the landscape, uncompromised, stripped down, creative, and nice draw, another thing is the technical drawing that is compromised with the reality, has to be done in a scale perfect, with lines that represent the reality to be built.

You must have a lot of responsibility to do the technical drawings for the architects half of your note in the semesters of architectural design will go down the drain if you do not know to do the technical design of your projects. After all, you have to know how to represent their ideas on paper or on the computer. Otherwise their works will never come out of the paper.

So this book will help you make great drawings. Technical drawing for Construction. Kubba. A. A., Sam. Editora Bookman. That is a guide that teaches you step-by-step technical drawings of architecture, knowing how to interpret the strokes are drawn, the plans, sections and elevations.

These are my tips on books drawing, I hope you enjoyed, if you know some more good book design can include here in the comments, if you still have some questions about the books you can write in the comments that I’ll respond.