Built-In Environments and Inspiration

Do you need to separate two environments in the same space and do not want to appeal for reform? We separate the following ideas from integrated environments for you!

Built-In Environments and Inspiration

Practical and versatile, the integrated environments are excellent retirement options for those who want to transform their social area into a spacious and comfortable environment to receive all their friends and family.

Regardless of the size of your property, whether you choose to use partitions or even compose the environment with different furniture, this type of integration always works and works for those who want to create more modern, beautiful and cozy rooms.

For those who still do not know where to start or are in doubt about models and materials to use in their decoration, you can bet without fear on wooden partitions. Whatever your style, wood is a wild material that looks good in any type of environment.

For those who are looking for inspiration for integrated kitchen and living room with a more modern style, you can mix elements of different shades of wood or wager on counters of different materials.

As we show in the photo, this industrial aspect, which mixes some raw materials, tends to be decorated mainly in loft-type buildings, where the partition can also be used as columns to separate the rooms on different floors.

Wooden partitions are still great in separation, from the more formal rooms, such as study rooms, libraries and offices, and in rooms and kitchens. They are elegant and classic, giving a special charm to any environment.

In the portal you can search for properties with reduced size or that have as main characteristic the structure of a loft!

The hollow shutters are also excellent dividing options to separate the integrated environments in a discreet and sophisticated way. The fact that it is a leaked room allows the rooms to share the same lighting, and the more bright the room, the greater the sense of spaciousness.

A good tip: the color of the shutter helps brighten or darken the room, so think hard about choosing your own!

If you are not afraid to dare and innovate in the look of your home, then you will love getting to know these environments integrated with metal dividers that combine heavier elements with building fluid and delicate shapes.

The geometric shapes are also trend in decoration, so, bet on bold formats and colors full of style.

Now, we know that creating an integrated environment with modern partitions is pretty cool, but if it’s pretty functional, that’s even better, right?

For lovers of reading or collectors of decorative accessories, a good alternative to separate the environments are the empty shelves. This reference we brought has shelves in unequal sizes, which not only makes it easier to store your belongings, but also gives a sense of movement to the piece.

By being a more personal part, you can play with different colors and tones according to your taste and the composition of your environment. Neutral colors, especially white, go well with everything, but opting for a more vivid color helps to compose a more lively and cheerful room.

Another trend that has returned with everything is the famous cobogó. The name may sound strange, but you sure have seen it around!

Cobogos are hollow, usually ceramic, elements that help build custom and beautiful dividers, giving a whole vintage air and cool to your integrated environment.

Finally, we could not leave out the pallet dividers. It’s a sustainable, creative, economical and incredibly easy to find idea. Despite the more rustic footprint, it is a partition that works well in rooms with study and office space, or even in small rooms.

But do not be fooled by the simplicity of the piece! Giving a finish with sandpaper and paint, or composing it with other pieces, it is possible to create a piece as exclusive and cozy as the others mentioned.

In addition to all those possibilities we’ve listed to inspire you, it’s possible to create really cool integrated environments with much less. Small balconies or partition walls allow you to create different compositions with tiles, artistic paintings and stickers. A good balcony is to put an ink slate in one of these partitions and then use it for day-to-day notes.

Ufa! You could tell that you have a choice for all tastes, styles and pockets, right? Take advantage of these tips to create new spaces without spending on retirement and change.