Buy Baby Night Light

A must for birth lists: the pilot. Useful from a young age to soothe baby and help her sleep she can accompany your child for many years. How to make the right choice?

Buy Baby Night Light

Why do you need a night light?

  • From 1 age, the pilot is useful to soothe baby at bedtime. Thanks to its soft light and diffuse, sometimes accompanied by a lullaby, or a play of light on the ceiling, the pilot can take a prime position in the bedtime routine for your toddler. Its low level also makes it the ideal lighting to allow the baby monitor to parents during the night without disturbing, or to give it the têtée in a subdued atmosphere, conducive to sleep.
  • Growing up, your child will enjoy her night if he has nocturnal anxieties or simply he afraid of the dark . It will also help him if he needs to get up at night : no need to turn the light in his room or hallway, or to call mom or dad!

How will you use it?

Besides your budget and the features of the appliance (only light, music, ceiling patterns of projection), it should take into account the use to be made of the pilot: fixed or nomadic ?Indeed, if you want the pilot accompanies baby one piece to the other of the house, if you are used to travel, or if your child is using the night to shine when he goes the bathroom, in this case choose a wireless pilot , running on battery or with batteries . This guarantees complete freedom of movement without having to worry about the presence of an electrical outlet.

Light or musical nightlight?

Among the pilots, not all offer the same features!

Carrousel of light and sound, ideal age from 1

  • Single pilot light: to ask as a bedside lamp or plug directly into a wall outlet
  • Musical night light: in addition to their function of lighting, many pilot lights allow dissemination of small pre-recorded songs (lullabies), the sounds of nature, or the sound of heartbeats (to remind baby sounds intra–utérins). Some models can even record your voice to reassure baby. Read more on JOSEPHNIGHTLIGHTS.
  • Carrousel sound and light: ideal for toddlers, these night lights project light patterns on the wall and ceiling.

Stuff And More

Some options can also be useful.

Pilot adjustable light intensity

Programming: for the pilot off automatically once sleeping baby, after 10, 20 or 30 minutes for example. You will thus not to intervene in his room to stop the pilot.

  • Voice activation: the pilot light will automatically turn to first cry.
  • Variable light intensity to suit the brightness of the device depending on the environment. Useful especially if the pilot is to be placed near the crib or otherwise removed.
  • Downloading additional songs or connect a MP3 player: to change your pilot over time.