Centers of Table with Chestnuts

Many of us during this Christmas We are going to have to tighten our belt and is that if it was difficult to pass the slope of January, this year quite a few months ago that we started to climb the slope and increasingly becomes steeper.

However, not having so much available money as other years do not have to stop that we can feel comfortable in our House, there are many things we can do ourselves, with simple and inexpensive materials and that dress much, so I happened to do a series with most economic ideas decoration that I know or I found over the net, something I am sure that you will be able to take advantage of the most.

To begin with, taking into account that we have started talking about Christmas and that we are at the gates, an idea that I have taken this picture of Destiny & Design, presenting as one of his proposals for Christmas decorations centerpieces with fruits and flowers of winter with simple lines.

The chestnuts, almonds, nuts,… used in the correct way they can create a very decorative Center, while we are not so used to using them as in the case of fresh fruit or flowers.

I love the image you have created by combining the chestnuts with porcelain and Crystal, and I think that although it is not the same, many of us can do something like.

There are decorated glass jars that can be purchased for 1 or 2 euros, and chestnuts and almonds can buy in any supermarket, then the distribution but there already enters the imagination of everyone.