Children Birthday Party Ideas

The Chicken Pintadinha decoration is one of the currently most popular decorating styles among the children, and this popularity has last for 3 years. As we know, the main part of the decoration of a children’s party is the cake table, so today we will give a greater focus on this part of decoration and talk about everything that you can do to make a chicken Pintadinha table of your child’s birthday party.

It’s good to always remember that this decoration is unisex, because the predominant colors are blue, red and white. So if the party is for a girl you can highlight the red, and if it is for a boy you will highlight the blue.

The cake, which is the main and essential part of the table, can be real or fake. What else is the round cake of two or three stories in the colors of blue, white, and red with yellow details because of the chick’s yellow paws who is a character of the DVD.

Some people go further and make the cake in the shape of chicken. Usually these cakes are fake, but they are really very nice.

In addition, the scenarios of table cannot miss. The options are various. They may be of polystyrene, MDF, acrylic, plush or even plastic. But not only the material are varies, so does the pattern. It can be the chicken itself, the house, the roadside rooster, chick yellowing, the cockroach, the little butterfly and many other characters.

Depending on the size of the table, you can put several things that are beautiful and varied. There is something you should notice: the colors or characters you choose should be the ones that your child likes.

After the cake and table setting, the baleiros also give a very nice touch. Some are made of MDF, but usually they are in cardboard and always in the same color of the party and the chicken is very easy to find in any party store.

The tins for the sweets have to be in the colors of chicken or even custom, i.e. with the picture of the chicken in them, some even have the format. In a word in shape, many confeiteiras are specializing in personalized candy and nowadays it is very easy to find one that makes the candies in the shape and colors of chicken and chick yellow.

The cupcakes are also the fashion of the moment, and they are even easier to be custom made because they are larger and the material with which they are made are very formable.

To complete the decoration of the table, you can use enfeitinhos that make an allusion to the farm and henhouse. Straw, eggs, nests, weeds and puleiros will make the table hen pintadinha more beautiful and elaborate.

If you chose the Chicken Pintadinha decoration, don’t worry because it’s easier to find items. If it is your son/daughter who chose, thank him/her for having a taste which is so easy to answer.