Chromotherapy in Favour of Environments

Have you ever stopped to think about how the color of a wall or the combination of certain shades in a decoration are able to influence the climate of an environment? That the shades carry its own personality and can be responsible for spaces full of meanings. As well as the Chromo therapy is used to treat people through the colors, the same principle can be applied in time to think about changing a carpet or buy new curtains. The technique can aid in time to match the tones and make life more easy, profitable, and healthy, in addition to restore physical and emotional balance.

Be inspired in some suggestions and discover the power of colors:


Appetite comes from the Red
Hot and strong colors such as shades of red, yellow and Orange are responsible for stimulating the appetite. In this way, are good options for the kitchen and dining spaces. In addition we refer to the brightness and heat of the star King, welcome the guests in the lobby and receive so charming in the dining room.

The blue color of the Sea (and peace)
Lighter shades of blue and lilac have soft, calming and aseptic properties. Delicate, are excellent for relaxing spaces, because it helps promote peace of mind. Also help to cool the environment and work well in places with high temperatures. Green is already responsible for renewing the energies, evoking the powers of nature, besides balancing environments such as the living room and the bedrooms.

Pretinho basic nothing
In larger environments, dark colors make the room cozy, well absorb light doing any space seem smaller and cozy. On the essence more sober, many are afraid to use it. However, when applied in intelligent doses create sophisticated atmospheres and full of personality.

In search of softness
If the idea is to cause the sensation of wider spaces and prolong the climate of peace, bet in pastel shades. Neutral colors like beige, cream, gray and pink offer sensations of amplitude and brighten any space. One idea is to mix the color chart and play with the possibilities that these delicate colours are able to provide.

White I love you
White is the basis of the most beautiful and different combinations. Empowering the other shades, he stays well in all environments. For lovers of Nordic trend, in which white predominates in almost 90% of the environment, the choice is true and bold.

Put more colors in your life!