Column I Want So Do Not Live, But Maybe Also.

Today is Lios of first Kitatag, I am suddenly really nervous, although already a whole year at his childminder in the country is drawn, but now sits as morning finally no Buddha baby more in his high chair throne in front of me, but a sweet rotziger Rascal with waking eyes, their own free will, and the chubby cheeks full of cereal, now is the small man and my urge for change one at that. Lio and I, we’re very similar to us.

More and more people are in our direct orbit, the deeper we rest in us, talk we don’t have it, we can mention even quite long, enjoy all the time the absence of human tide, friends are our family, because blood relatives are all 600 kilometers away. Us is at home also quickly bored and also for two. The cozy family life as we normally know it, putting to sleep a few days us, why not ask me, but we are happiest in foreign cuisines instead somewhere in nature or between Chatterers, picnic blankets, and pasta dishes. I have after a long back and forth, therefore, decided to live to say the classic father mother child apartment model. More specifically, I’ve done that already many months ago, but now I’m outgrowing even the friend-of-Mama Mama child model. I would like to return in a WG, with all my heart.

In an adult-WG, if you will, with much opinion, character, charm, and melon. Spontaneous wine-soaked nights for the large and playmates for children, with trips to the Baltic Sea and Mediterranean cooking duels. Has, contrary to all prejudices, little to do with the much-discussed not just be can, I can do it quite well, I just think that I’m better when I do do nothing more than to close the door of my room now. For the idea to be constant social, because Yes almost always someone next door, lingering on the balcony or in the life Center kitchen, despite acute assume laziness I guess even stolen straciatella yogurt cups and toothpaste splashes on the bathroom mirrors in purchase order Fanatin. I share my vegetables and also the sofa, and the prestige reasonable money burning for more area like if I can escape the optimization craze of snow-white walls thus. I Cook also likes hot milk with honey, if someone is sick all the time, and ask for absolutely nothing except a lucky roommate. Or a roommate who paints a picture of the birthday me, rather than to romp in the HAY. I like it to stick permanently to my partner, need but at the same time spiritual balance, if possible even at the breakfast table. Against Mau Mau Schweitzer rules I have after work also nothing. Back almost to the extended family so, anyway. A child enough Yes as you know (for now). I wasn’t quite as familiar then that. But limited and rusty too much everyday. Too much consumption. Too much much.

I keep asking myself actually, as you probably also how satisfaction be wanting without much property, with all this here at all what slumbers has always been in me, can be combined. Is Yes as a bad joke. Thirty pairs of shoes, but no go for more Juppiesein. I really have no idea. I only know that I love this and every single Leopard setback in my closet. Let me but other things than thought, planned or expected, just without any expectations, but with optimism in the moving box. Because maybe I crochet sometime mournfully staring catheter bags with my retired roommates, or even the young are launched with the time. Well possible that LIO soon pleads for more privacy and a serious to discuss talks with me. Or my friend. If I don’t already threw the own towel until then. All these eventualities instill no fear me, on the contrary, they make me curious. Inside, in the life. It surely means the world is full of possibilities. But in personal experience, they shrink to a tiny number. So to those who have left us.

David Herbert Lawrence.