Custom Wall Decals and Stickers

Wall stickers – an interesting form to freshen your rooms at home or in the office. If a person wants to live in harmony, privacy and have a loving family and cozy home, he must ensure that the place where dwells predisposes to both himself and the people with whom he chose to go his way. Dressing naked dwelling starts with the right vision for its walls. Everything must be neat end to be able to enjoy fully spent time inside the house.

Custom Wall Decals and Stickers

Wall stickers can be pasted in different places, with different surface, the rule is to be handled carefully and monitored if figure in more detail, not bent or crooked sticks. Sure, you can pursue another effect, namely asymmetry. We offer many different varieties, which emphasize unconventional way of thinking can choose clean and traditional motifs or to stick to the belief that improper disposal of shapes and elements is beautiful and inspiring. Wall stickers are easy regarding the administration and its use. Detachment-adhesive and ready.Wall if it was pale pink, it is now full of flowers on a pink background. If you blue ceiling was refinishing or you needed tavanki for which you have not gotten Finance, now, with our wall stickers, you have become a starry sky. The good thing about wall decals is that they are expensive and can be used as temporary until you decide for repairs, and in the longer term, and their price is not high. Suitable for both nursery and the living room, kitchen and hallway. Our advice is when there are faults on the walls, as there is a discrepancy in size from top to bottom edge, you use asymmetric optical curves figures, gluing the wall will give the illusion that the problem is not in the wall, and these stickers wall are unconventional and irregular symmetry. Another advantage of wall stickers is that if you find it annoying to buy and glue patterned wallpaper where you need to spot every detail (and we all know how frustrating this is), you can take several identical stickers to impose a to each other. You get a beautiful, sophisticated and spectacular walls, and the best thing is that you save time and money.

Types of Wall Decals

The motives and the colors vary by as much as far as your imagination allows. More and more often we meet with people who make us an order for custom forms and figures that surprised even us. Diversify boring daily grind with stickers wrap of walls, we can help you with the following custom vinyl lettering: number, flowers, elements and motifs from the oriental world, fauna, marine items – shells, fish, sharks, octopuses, starfish, pier, sand and etc., can be themed – on the occasion of Christmas and New year, a birthday of a relative or friend for Easter, Palm Sunday for the names of days and many, many others.

The only requirement is that the surface is smooth and dry. Another thing to prevent your will. Of course, if we talk about painted wall, it is advisable to paint is glossy, but for more tips and inquiries contact us and we will offer different options.

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