Decoration for Entertaining Friends at Home

Whenever we think of beautiful table decorations, the first thing that goes through your mind are the big events such as weddings and birthdays. However, most intimate encounters like dinner at home for a few guests also deserve special attention and some details are able to transform the atmosphere of the environment. In fact, the first one is almost a rule: a good host is the one able to make your guests feel at home in your House.

Take advantage of creativity and good taste are real invitations for everyone to enjoy and have unforgettable moments around the table. Surprise your family and friends with some of our tips:

Thematic table
Decorate your desk according to the meal to be served. For example, if you opted for seafood, abuse of details referring to the cool climate of the coast. Shades of blue and green can be used in dishes, napkins and even glasses. To give even more life to the theme, mount small decorations using shells and stones.

The cloth napkins can take a bit more work because they need to be sanitized after dinner, but are able to leave the table more elegant. There are numerous ways of counterweights them, but the important thing is to be well presentable to the left of the fork or placed in the center of the dish.

Candles are very welcome – of all shapes and sizes. Candlesticks of various models are also capable of creating a classic scenario that will give the table a more intimate and cozy.



Flowers are wild responsible for giving a romantic and charming touch to any table decoration. Serve for both meetings that occur during the day or night and your choice can be reached in accordance with the theme of the meeting, combining both with the dishes and the decoration of the environment. And if the proposal is to bring color to the space, even better!




For more formal gatherings and elegant, choose white dishes or even Golden or silver because these materials bring an exceptional luminosity at the table. But if you are getting friends in a relaxed moment, patterned dishes

or with fun patterns may be the motto of the decoration, just find the balance.




Table markers, as the name implies, are used to mark the table for their guests. There are times this option comes inspiring hosts and gaining space in the decoration, because they are a creative option to adorn tables even less formal events.




For the hipsters, the mix of different drinking games that combine each other is released and it’s fun. For the more conservative, Crystal glasses are asked to bring sophistication to the table.


Don’t be afraid to innovate.

It’s the little details that your guests will take as good memories of the encounter.