“DIA de los Muertos” can Inspire the House Decoration

More than just a date to celebrate and remember loved ones, the Dia de los Muertos is one of Mexico‘s most traditional cultural manifestations and happens tomorrow, November 2. Contrary to what one might imagine, several countries ofCentral America also celebrate the date, where skulls and adornments full of colors are the major players of the day.



In some pre-Hispanic cultures on the day of the dead celebrations have existed for more than 3000 years. Were parties dedicated to children and their kindred dead, presided over by the goddess Mictecacíhuatl, known as Dama de la Muerte (Lady death), currently related to the character “La Catrina, the Mexican painter, Illustrator and cartoonist, José Guadalupe Posada (18521913).



The skulls of the artist are ironically full of life and also carry itself social and political messages. Currently, the famous Mexican skulls” also serve as inspiration and are everywhere frames, pillows, duvets, mugs, ornaments and various other elements.


Losing your totally morbid, meaning they represent change, transformation anda new cycle. In addition, this icon (often misunderstood) became part of the creatively and elegant House, becoming even object of desire and collection.



The British artist Damien Hirst is responsible for creating the most expensive work of art in the worlda skull covered with 8,601 diamonds and whose sale price reached the amazing milestone of 100 million dollars. With the help of a reputable company of London jewelers, Damien saved the original teeth of the skull andeven included a pink diamondvery rareright in the center of your forehead.



Another artist that calls attention to work very well with the shape of skulls, is James Hopkins. Using decorative items like books, bottles, glasses, watches, flowers and many other pieces, he writes so surprising a real Bookshelfsculpture. Almost like an optical illusion, images of skulls are formed amid so many objects present in our daily lives. In addition, each work of Hopkins brings a kind of commentary on the human condition, especially regarding the materialist and consumerist vein present in our society. Although almost as a criticism, it is impossible not to want a shelf of those at home, isn’t it?



A way to use skulls to compose environments is in Union with other more delicate objects. In this way, the atmosphere of the space gets a more modern and not so heavy. For those not afraid to miss, however, the figures of skulls may be entire walls.