Didomestic: a Penthouse in Madrid with Many Secrets Hidden

It is really amazing Didomestic attic that has created the Elii study in Madrid. I don’t know if it would make me a mess with so many pulley and both hidden item in the false ceiling, but see how it plays with the functionality and analyze the level of versatility that has this space is frankly amazing.

ES an attic consisting of two floors, the ground floor which are common areas such as the kitchen and the living room and upstairs to the bedroom and bathroom. On the ground floor around the stairs there are mobile panels that can allow for separate environments or keep them together according to the needs.

There are elements that we don’t always have available, such as at the kitchen table and chairs, so in this case, as you can see in the photo, are hidden in the false ceiling with a pulley system that allows you to upload them and download them easily. I had seen many ways to hide the table and seats in the kitchen, but never one like this.

On these lines you can see the staircase that before we talked with their panels closed to isolate the kitchen and they allow you to create another totally independent space. The panels have areas trasnslucidas allowing the free movement of the light even if they are closed to separate.

It is really amazing storage in the bathroom, I can see in the photo above. Clear that this provision is not suitable for anyone, have to be very in form in order to be from first thing in the morning on your knees or squat to prepare before heading out to the street.

And the apartment is not lacking in detail, many things are not given, but if you look for them we will find them and thus in the swimming area We also have a large mirror. When we have finished do we close everything and in a few seconds we will have all our things perfectly organized and stored.

And on the other side of the top floor is the sleeping area, very minimalist account only with the mattress on the floor, but say that it is more than enough to sleep, taking into account that on the ground floor we have everything we need for our day.

And stating that we have not seen everything, just a few of the most frequently used elements. I think that it is one of the most curious apartments which I never found. I just do not realise if I could get to live in a place like this or not… I think I cost enough, but to see it, I love. And you, do you imagine living in a House with so many secrets?