Dimmable LED Table Lamp

The lamp arm itself has two hinges, one directly on the touch panel and an on about half of the length. Thus, the lamp can be almost any position and raise.When folded, the lamp are doing from a little reduced lighting on the sides and has a height of about 45 centimeters, maximum aligned on the level to get to a height of about 68 centimeters. A few more measurements: The lower part of the arm is connected to the panel about 45 centimeters high, the upper part of about 35 centimeters-much to the lamp can be just not align fully to 180 degrees, but that is probably rarely needed.

LED Table Lamp

Before I forget: The lamp also has a sleep timer, which can be activated via the touch panel and automatically turns the lamp after approximately sixty minutes.But we come again to the really important point of a desk lamp, the lighting to speak. Around 27 LEDs are installed here in three juxtaposed rows. Two different LED types or shades are installed: one white LEDs (the exterior), the other amber LEDs (the middle row). This lamp allows four different lighting programs, depending on the modes the individual rows are thereby turned on or off Differently.

Reading, Study, Relax and Sleep are the different light modes, which can be dimmed respectively even in five stages. In mode “Sleep” the amber LEDs are turned on only while Relax also uses a pair of white LEDs – the brightest are the modes Reading and Study with Study emits a significantly cooler but brighter light than the read mode. Now light is of course always a bit tricky, but here again a small comparison between the different colors of light.

My conclusion? Quite a successful desk lamp. The processing of the lamp is very good with the exception of some unstraffen mount the lamp arm, the black or white plastic is of course always a matter of taste. While the black Hochglanzobergläche should attract fingerprints and dust magical, this unwanted effect in the white model tried out of me keeps absolutely limited. Knowing indeed from other devices-alternatively there is also a silver, less shiny model of desk lamp. Negative criticisms? Here would occur to me nothing except as expressly provided trifles. Good: A pivoting head would surely also have been nice, I have personally also do not necessarily have.

What I liked best about the lamp, the four different light modes and dimmable LED lighting at Ledbulbbay, which are a very nice touch-especially when at your desk or where you are the lamp else so, does different things. I personally use the lamp like the fully folded state in combination with the amber Sleep Mode: Creates a very warm, pleasant and passive light that supports me in my nocturnal Tipper land.From my side, there is a strong buy recommendation for TaoTronics TT-DL02-which also applies to the TT-DL01 (black) and the TT-DL07 (silver) applies.