DIY: Elegant Decor to the Supper Table

Missing a little over 10 days to Christmas, it is time to start thinking about a nice table decoration. To celebrate the date, it’s worth pushing your creativity and good taste to create a magical atmosphere and full of charm.


In today’s post, we bring a decoration suggestion able to turn Christmas Eve in a night indeed unforgettable.



Materials required for Assembly of the table:

-Small wood logs (birch trees are a good option, because already have whitish coloration).

-Support for candles.

-Floating Candles (Rechaud).

-Small vases or jars.

-Colored Wires.

-Tags for gifts (tags).

-Chocolates or sweets.

-Pine cones.


-Branches of Rosemary.



Choose a towel or American game in neutral tones or simply let the discovery table to create a more natural and rustic decor.



Spread the trunks along the Center table and put some candles on top. Then arrange the cones and greenery around each trunk and also go by adding the mini vases with the flowers there. Play with these elements until you are satisfied with the result of adornment.





Organize your dishes and glasses in the set and place a candy or sweet handmade beside each plate.



Tie the napkins with the colored wires and finish with a big bow. Place a sheet of Rosemary in the middle and attach gift tag too. You can write the name of the person who will sit there, “Merry Christmas” or any other message to your choice.




Near the start of the dinner, light the candles and vòila!

Your guests will certainly love the pampering and the delicacy of every detail thought to leave the dinner even more elegant.

Get inspired!