DIY Wall Stickers

The wall tattoo is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. It is a figure of speech to, make walls and thus the living spaces more appealing and aufzuhübschen. Previously, only took colorful wallpaper or posters, today the wall sticker is obvious. The trend for children and Co. made the tattoos also cheaper by higher requirements. There are numerous suppliers of the printed and plotted adhesive films on the market. The competition is growing-prices fall. Even in the supermarket are getting now and then such films. However, most manufacturers and retailers of wall decals can be found on the Internet. There is pre-adhesive films and Wall Decal generators, with which one can create their own logo or own motif. There are a lot of freedom in fonts, colors and of course the size of the wall sticker for kitchen, children’s room and living area.

Wall Stickers for Living Room

These two possibilities for the wall tattoo already offer a wide range of amateur designers. However, the wall stickers can prepare themselves well. While this means more work, but it is cheaper and more individual.Afterwards, one can say with the utmost confidence: “I have made ​​myself.” If you include what constitutes mural still an alternative to wall sticker, there are two ways to beautify your walls. On the web not only pretty Finished films can be had for children and Co., but also unmarked. This one can buy at various vendors or get in the craft store. However, Davor should be explained how great the wall tattoo to be so not too little is purchased from the adhesive film. For a first attempt, for example, in the nursery, a DIN A4 sufficient Hunk. If it went well, you can then venture to a larger trial. What is needed for the wall sticker:

DIY Wall Stickers 3

A motif
-a printer that can handle adhesive films
-a craft knife, rather, a craft scalpel
-a cutting board
-spirit level, plumb, pencil

The design for owl wall stickers you can create an image editing program itself or download one from the Internet. For the children, the child certainly a proposal. The copyright in this context no matter-one uses the subject’s only in their own home. Thereafter, the subject has to be brought down to size-which also takes on the image editing program. It has to be a high resolution image, because in enlarging pixelation may otherwise arise. This gets you if necessary but also with a graphics program such as Gimp pulled back smoothly. Having the right size is now found to print it on the film. Now the subject with a lot of patience to be cut with a knife. In return you can also leave a few days time, it does not always have to be ready immediately. Then the subject is carefully glued to the wall. So it’s just, you can advance drawing on the wall with a plumb line or a spirit level reference points. For a larger motive you just use several A4 sheets. It should be ensured that an expression of the subject is present on paper, to “piece together” the motive for the later wall stickers on the wall.

DIY Wall Stickers 2

With the same procedure as in the Wall Decal producing prints to the subject on a film which is, however, no adhesive sheet and projected the image with a projector on the wall. The desired size can adjust it easily. With wall paints the shadow motif will be painted. It is also possible to create with a utility knife, a stencil and to stick with tape to the wall. The paint through a stencil falls a little easier and the inhabitants from the nursery can join.

DIY Wall Stickers 1 exceptionally Gibt’s no instruction video. Whoever finds a meaningful, the URL like there please post a comment.